Once, there was a girl who was born in Canada, raised by her parents in Asia, sought higher education and independence in London, and always dreamed of living in California.

That was until one day during her travels in Argentina, she inevitably fell in love with an Englishman. From that day on she gave her heart to the vibrantly beautiful city that is London.

Meanwhile, with a love for travel and beautiful interiors, she collected inspiration from the places she visited to make her home, home. Whilst London fulfilled her dreams in many ways, she often fantasised about the crisp sunshine, warm gentle breeze and the gorgeous interior designs of coastal living.

Unfortunately, she couldn’t bring home the holiday sunshine and warm sea breeze, so she decided to bring home the fresh interiors from some of the sunniest parts of the world instead!

That girl is me. I’m Tammy Gow, an interiors enthusiast with a dream to make homes beautiful. Only I’m no longer a girl but now a loving wife and mother, working in the City busting to make a buck in the Big Smoke and the proud founder of Hunter & Co.

I finally decided to take a leap of faith to transform my dream into reality and on that fateful day in February 2017, my brainchild ‘Hunter & Co.’ was born, a few months after my real child ‘Hunter’ was born.

Looking at the UK interiors market, although products are beautifully designed, displayed and styled, I found a lack of diversity and most importantly did not bring me that sensation of coastal living I so desired. I craved that perfect balance of modern and traditional, the mixed palette of neutrals and ocean blues, the natural textures and the luscious botanicals. This strengthened my gut feeling that creating Hunter & Co. was the right thing to do.

I then spent the next few months piecing together my own unique collection and endlessly making contacts with factories, artisans, artists and suppliers from all around the world to source or design products representing the ethos of Hunter & Co. I love the pieces I have curated and I hope you do too.  



In a world of infinite imagination, choices and aspirations, it’s sometimes easier to describe who you’re not rather than who you are, so here we go.

We are not your typical UK interiors brand selling similar styles and designs. Whilst we highly admire and respect the styles and trends that they represent, such as Scandinavian, vintage, shabby chic and retro to name a few, we are aspiring to be something a little bit different.

The Hunter & Co. style of humble elegance, coastal modern and laid back glam is heavily influenced by the coastal towns of California, the Hamptons, Australia and South Africa. We are talking raw wood, natural fibres, neutral colours against rich coastal shades of blues and greens, mix of smooth and rough textures and a big chunk of love. We want to bring something different to our British shores.

Where we lack in all-year-round bright sunshine and warm breeze, Hunter & Co. strives to bring that feeling of bright sunshine and warm breeze into your homes.

That is who we are.


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