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We know it's tough, but how would you describe your art in 3 words?

Calm, soft and ethereal. At least that's what people tell me!

Where do you get your inspiration from to create your art?

I get most of my inspiration from the sky. The sunsets in Utah are breathtaking, which gives me plenty of inspiration! Just the other day I was on a run in my neighborhood, and the sunset was a bright gold with deep blues and pinks. I snapped a picture and I can't wait to paint it. The sky is also inspiring because it represents hope and peace to me, which is what I strive to show through my artwork. I want my art to bring a sense of calm and peace into your homes. We need more of it! 

Tell us something about you that has nothing to do with your art.

Something about me that defines who I am, aside from my art, is that I am a Mother. I have 3 beautiful children and it's such an honor to get to raise them and love them. 

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