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With Mother’s Day just around the corner (Sunday 31st for those who haven’t got it marked in the calendar), I wanted to write a slightly different post to normal today and talk about what the day means to me.

I know many people say this but since becoming a mother, I’ve come to really appreciate so much more what my own mother has done for me in the last 35 years of me being alive on the planet.

I funnily don’t think about Mother’s Day as being a day about me (although I may have booked a three hour pampering session for myself this Sunday!), but I want to make it more about my own mother, who has devoted her whole life to bring happiness, tender love and care, and support to me and my two sisters

I’m not going to make this a super cheesy post as I hate cheese, but I did want to give a little special shout out to my mum, Carrie, as she has the most thoughtful and giving heart of anyone I know.

She is the epitome of kindness in this world. Not only is she the best mother in my eyes, she is also the best Poh Poh (Chinese for grandmother) to my son Hunter, who absolutely adores her.

It’s fair to say I broke her heart 18 years ago when I left home in Singapore for university in London, living here ever since. But she gave me the freedom and independence I needed to grow up whilst the whole time wishing I was still by her side. Luckily, she still had my two rascal younger sisters at home! After 16 years of living thousands of miles away from me, my parents finally decided to bite the bullet and move over here (it helps that my two sisters ended up in London too and I gave her a grandson!) so now we are finally one family living in the same country together.

Anyway enough about the little sob story, I wanted to take this opportunity to give a huge shout out to all the amazing mothers out there all around the world and say THANK YOU for everything that you have done for the younger generations.

Now, a cute vase or a pretty art print isn’t anywhere near enough to show our gratitude but we gotta start somewhere right?

With that said, I’ve put together a little gift guide for this Mother’s Day to show our appreciation to all the mothers out there. If my own mom wasn’t my best customer already, I would be picking something here for her too!



For the artistic mother, this Cambodian Water print by Emily Grace Artwork is the ideal gift. As a limited edition print with only 25 of each size, time is of the essence when it comes to purchasing this beautiful piece of artwork!


As part of our new Neutrals collection, the Ezra wooden photo frame is perfect for capturing a family memory. We get so caught up in the digital age, it’s so refreshing to print photographs out and frame them once again.


Is your mother as talented in the kitchen as mine? This Hamden cake stand is a beautiful gift idea, blending marble and mango wood together effortlessly. You could even bake some treats to go on top! OK... perhaps you could just buy some treats to go on top instead.


For a home decor loving mother, buying something like a cushion could give an old armchair the lift she was looking for. Plus, only someone who loves interior design can understand the sheer thrill of receiving a new cushion to add to the ever-growing collection, right?


A timeless gift as far as I’m concerned, the Callia Vase would look beautiful with a single Eucalyptus stem placed inside. While the gift idea is timeless, the modern silhouette of this vase will make sure it remains your mother’s favourite for years to come.


If your mum is the type that relishes the chance to entertain guests, then a serving platter like our Palermo two-piece board is the perfect gift idea. Who doesn’t love a new addition to their table setting?


Another gift idea that’s just too pretty to put away! We had a fantastic response to the launch of our rattan server set and you can see why, right? It has to be said, rattan is the texture of the moment so if you’re buying for someone a little more trend-conscious, then this is a must-buy.


Finally, transport your mum back to hazy days on the beach with this stunning Watercolour Coast print. It’s funny how calm a painting can make you feel and the serene and soft colours in this have the power to instantly relax.

With free orders over £50 and delivery before the weekend, I hope our Mother’s Day Gift Guide has inspired you in some way. Have a great weekend ahead!

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