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We want to give a BIG shout out to all mothers out there in the lead up to Mother's Day this Sunday! Although, really, everyday should be Mother’s Day. But when life gets busy and demanding, we may sometimes forget to tell that special someone, who raised us and sacrificed things to give us the best she could, that we love her and are so grateful for everything she’s done for us.

Nothing beats kind, heartfelt words and action to show our mums how much we love them, but there’s also no harm in giving thoughtful gifts to show our appreciation too right?? I’m sure all mothers will agree - ha!

So, just in time for this year's Mothering Sunday we’ve picked some of our favourite gifts to represent how special and amazing we think our mothers are, what are your favourites?


1. Dream by Hunter & Co.

Our mothers are the ones who first told us to DREAM BIG and one day all our dreams will come true. This stunning and emotional art print called ‘Dream’ by Karina Hazen couldn’t be any more fitting!


2. Faux Flowers by Rose and Grey + Laguna Vase by Hunter & Co.

Flowers are normally a sweet spot for mothers, but these beautiful South African faux Protea stems from Rose and Grey are an absolute must-have for an all year round fresh and charming look. We guarantee your mum will love these! Not only are they the trendiest flowers in town at the moment, there is no maintenance involved and will look perfectly bloomed forever. Pair them with one of our stylish vases, such as the blue Laguna vase, to complete the look.



3. Black Wire Noticeboard by The Little House Shop

Mums always have a hundred things on their to-do lists, a thousand letters to open and a million proud photos, school reports and creative artwork to pin up from their children and grandchildren. Help your mum get organised in a practical and stylish way with this super cool noticeboard by The Little House Shop.


4. Talia Rectangular Baskets by Hunter & Co.

One of the most common phrases that come out of mothers’ mouths are “put your things away now!”. Well, let’s make life a little bit easier for our mums for once with big, throw-all storage baskets like our Talia Rectangular Baskets. Store away toys, throws and blankets, fire logs, anything!


 5. Dotted Frame and Marbled Frame by McGee & Co.

Capture beautiful family memories for your mum in these picture perfect photo frames by our all time favourite home decor store across the Atlantic, McGee & Co. Your mum is guaranteed to love the unique detailing and beautiful pattern of these frames and will love even more the sentimental reminiscing of good times with the family.






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