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So you’ve bought yourself a metal straw and something suitable to clean it with (this is very important), you know to separate your cardboard from your plastic, but what’s next?

Trying to live a little more sustainably can sometimes feel like an overwhelming task. Google “sustainable living” and you receive endless pages of do's and don’ts, “what I wish I’d known sooner” blog posts, and information on what type of beeswax wrapping is best to use instead of cling film. 

Apart from some changes to lifestyle and eating habits, there is also so much you can do in terms of how you purchase for your home. We’ve made it all a little easier for you to digest. Here are four simple ways to be more eco-friendly at home. 


1. It’s best to start out nice and simple: stick to the core principle that less is more. Focusing spending habits on quality over quantity has so many positives: our homes are less cluttered, the purchases we make hold more value, and in turn, become more treasured. As well as this, these habits usually turn out to be the more frugal option in the long run…it’s the gift that keeps on giving. For example, focus on core accessories for the home, such as a large vase for an eye catching living room centrepiece. Our Adana vase does just this; the vessel emanates a relaxed bohemian vibe with its azure blue tie dye effect. Drop in a tropical leaf to add a bit of summer sun to the home. 



2. The less art, the bigger the statement. One or two sizeable, beautiful pieces of artwork can sometimes resonate more than a cluttered gallery wall, and it saves paper (the trees will thank you). An abstract piece like A Brave New Path and A Perfect Match is likely to be striking and bold in colour. This show of maximalism in the home is simple yet effective. Place the frame on a neutral coloured wall and let the artwork do the talking.


Pink and blue modern abstract artwork on the wall


3. Make purchases with longevity in mind. Here at Hunter and Co, we design and curate products with a timeless approach to interiors. We love having pieces that always look chic and elegant and stand the test of time, rather than succumbing to short term trends and fads. Choose products that can be versatile. For example, whether it be to display a tantalising mound of lemons that add colour to the kitchen, or to pile a packet of vegetable crisps ready to be passed around at your next dinner party, the right serving bowl can be much more multifaceted than you first thought. You’ll be helping the environment, and looking chic whilst doing it. Check out our Arseley Bowl and Humphrey Bowl both featured in this kitchen.



4. Finally, make informed purchases on objects you do choose to buy. Natural wood is wood that has generally been grown organically i.e. it comes from a tree that hasn’t been chemically treated. A natural wood chopping board, or storage bowl, is likely to be a healthier, toxin free option as well as ensuring your kitchen accessories have a wholesome, rustic feel. Our Ashton natural wood chopping boards are gorgeous display pieces as well as does the job!


Wooden chopping boards


We strive to bring a droplet of sunshine and happiness into your homes. Whilst at first reducing your environmental footprint can be pretty daunting, by breaking it down into small steps, we begin to realise we have more power than you think! 

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