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Okay, this is crazy. Less than a month ago we were living in Siberian conditions, then last weekend the Beast from the East made a whistle-stop comeback (only on Saturday and Sunday of course, it couldn't possibly let people enjoy their weekend!). And today it's OFFICIALLY SPRING?!

Not only did Spring creep up on us when we were still drying out our snow suits and Hunter boots, we also lost one precious hour last night from the clock change! 

So Operation BRING IT ON SPRING is in full swing for us (this level of rhyming is completely accidentally!) and there's no better way to get ready for Spring than refreshing our homes with beautiful flora and luscious greenery.

Need help? Today we’re sharing our TOP FAVOURITE places in London to buy fresh and faux botanicals for your home. Check them out quick so you can finally embrace Spring! Style them beautifully with our stunning range of vases and jars. Click here to see the full collection!


Fake palm leaves and eucalyptus leaves in large blue and white vases  Faux protea flowers from Rose & Grey  Fresh pink and white flowers in blue and white vase 

Vases in photos are the Adana, Sofia, and Quinn.



Freddie's Flowers

Check out this super cool and fast growing subscription-based florist start up! For just £22 a month, you can sign up to a weekly subscription of fresh flowers delivered right to your door by Freddie's team of drivers. Each week, Freddie will choose a gorgeous selection of flowers and foliage to arrange and deliver to you. We love this concept! You don't even have to think and you get beautiful blooms in your home every day and week! 


 We are kind of a little obsessed with this store. One of their tagline is 'Urban Jungles, Delivered'. What a great idea for a place like London where people kill (in most cases, accidentally) their plants more often than they can say "I don't know what I'm doing..." Patch sources a fantastic range of fresh indoor and outdoor plants, gives them cute names and shares great inspiration, care tips and styling advice on how to create your own urban jungle and bring life to your homes. The Founder is also called Freddie, what are the chances!


Bloom & Wild

Finally, a revolutionary way to guarantee receiving your flower deliveries in tact and through your letterbox! Bloom & Wild have created an innovative approach to delivering flowers, making sure each bloom is individually netted and protected in a pretty bespoke flat box for easy delivery through your letterbox. Gone are the days of having to pick your half dying flowers from the post office or if you’re anything like us, being embarrassed when the mailroom guy strides across the office floor dragging a massive bouquet (you bought for yourself!), whilst pointing at your face. Aside from the awesome logistical concept, their flowers are also super fresh and beautifully arranged. 



Rose & Grey

Aside from their charming range of home accessories and furniture for vintage and modern living, Rose & Grey have a fantastic faux botanicals collection, one we sourced from ourselves to do our own botanical styling! From rose stems to banana trees to olive branches to hanging ivy, you can transform your home into almost every continent's oasis!


Abigail Ahern

 Abigail Ahern is obviously the Queen of Botanicals (and a super talented interiors expert!). Her collection of Flowers and Plants is so effortlessly designed and inspired, and they are so realistic looking you can practically taste the dew drops on the leaves and buds! Meanwhile, isn't this the juiciest faux cactus you've ever seen??



The Flower Shop at Neptune sells a complete collection of life-like flower stems, branches and twigs, greenery and herbs, and potted plants. They also have beautiful imagery on their website to show you exactly how to style their botanical pieces with such great finesse and grace.


Shop the Hunter & Co. Vases and Jars collection to provide a nice home for your fresh or faux florals and botanicals!

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